Adventure Summer Camp Returns in 2020

Join us this summer for a week of learning survival skills!

  • Summer 2020

  • Griffith Park, Los Angeles

  • 9:30-3:00

  • $325

  • Appropriate for children ages 8-12

During this week we will learn real wilderness skills like:

  1. Start Fires & Make Shelter

  2. Make Rope & Knots

  3. Camouflage & Invisibility

  4. Silent Stalking

  5. Wild Edible Plant Identification

The Adventure Summer Camp is an opportunity for your child to enter a make believe world while learning authentic survival skills. This camp is lead by Meredyth Hunt and Jones Welsh, both experienced camp counselors having worked with children in Drama camps, Fitness by the Sea, Gymnastics and the Great Big Adventure. They are currently the guides for The Great Big Adventure, a 6 month interactive theatrical experience,  and will lead this summer camp in their adventure characters - Willow Walker, of the Tree Dwellers and Karnin, of the Fire Keepers.

Even if your child is not participating in The Great Big Adventure they can dive into the story being created, take on characters for themselves, and learn fun skills in the process!

Praise for the Adventure Summer Camp:

My daughters (ages 6 and 9) both participated in the Adventure Summer Camp last July.  I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure just how adventurous the girls would be.  However, because of the leadership and nurturing and bravery of the leaders, my girls dove in with gusto!  I was amazed by how dirty and exhausted and happy they were when I picked them up.  On the drive home I would hear all about the survival skills they had learned, the challenges they had faced and the stories they had picked up along the way.  It was really exciting to see two fairly urban kids completely immerse themselves in the adventure with Willow and her team.  I was both proud of and amazed by their courage and daring...and I told them so.  I could see how proud they were of themselves!  A great experience.




Building shelter.                                   Making Fire.                                    Camouflage madness!                               Playing, "Where is Karnin?" 


Meredyth Hunt (Willow Walker, of the Tree Dwellers)

On any given day you might find Meredyth climbing a tree, performing a clown show for a ten-year-old's birthday party, or making a puppet for her next puppet show. Originally from Texas, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in T.V. and film. While she had success hosting a dating game show, Lover or Loser, and guest starring in various television shows she has always loved working with children. Whether she was performing children’s comedy shows at Disney World, or being a camp counselor for Fitness by the Sea in Malibu, delighting children brings her the greatest joy. Meredyth spends her summers leading backyard drama camps in Los Angeles, the rest of the year she devotes to creating original theater shows for children, as well as designing and leading The Great Big Adventure. 

Jones Welsh (Karnin, of the Fire Keepers)

Jones Welsh is a performer, administrator, and warrior. Jones received his degree in theatre and dance from the University of Washington in 2000, then returned for the Non-Profit Management Certificate Program. He is currently the Managing Director of Not Man Apart - Physical Theatre Ensemble, establishing the organization in 2000 and now co-produces the LA improv Dance Festival, Somatic Movement Arts Festival, and Shakespeare Santa Monica. After completing five years touring with Diavolo Dance Theatre, Jones is now the Diavolo Institute Director, establishing sustainable community outreach programs in Los Angeles. Jones is a trained animal tracker and survivalist through Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracker School, and a gymnastics coach at Broadway Gymnastics. Jones has coached kids of all ages for over 15 years in gymnastics studios in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles. He also creates and manages the Fox Flyers Adventure Camp in his position as Institute Director with Diavolo Dance Theater.