What is the Origin of The Great Big Adventure?

The idea to create an ongoing interactive adventure for children is the brain child of Meredyth Hunt, aka Willow Walker. Click here to read more about the origin of the Adventure.

How long is each gathering?

Each gathering lasts 2 hours. The gatherings are very active including: hiking, running and playing games.

Where do the Adventure gatherings take place?

The gatherings take place all over the Los Angeles area from Malibu Creek State Park to the Art Brewery downtown. We look for beautiful, and unusual, locations that give a feeling of wildness and fantasy. Each gathering takes place in a different location which will be announced before the Adventure begins. An email will be sent to the parents a week before each gathering with directions and maps. 

What if my child misses one of the gatherings?

We understand that sometimes things happen and your child may have to miss a gathering. If that is the case, a special mailing will be sent to your child telling the story of what transpired in that gathering through text and pictures. 

What is the adult to child ratio at the gatherings?

The maximum amount of children at each gathering is 30. There are 3 adult guides that stay with the children at all times as well as additional actors who add to the story throughout the gathering. 

Are the gatherings scary?

Depending on the age and constitution of your child, the gatherings can be scary. The actors are fully committed to their characters and the story can be intense for younger children. One of the guides is designated to stay with children if they get too scared and help them calm down. Mostly the adventure is exciting, but it can feel very real also.

Are weapons used in the Adventure?

On occasion there may be a good old fashioned swashbuckler style fight between characters. We tend to fight with the staff instead of the sword, however. All the "fights" in the stories are choreographed by actors proficient in Stage Combat. The children are never involved in the fights and are kept at a safe distance. In the Adventure our focus is on peaceful, or clever resolutions, and "force" is used sparingly. 

Will the mailings require a lot of time to complete?

Each mailing is unique and has varying levels of participation. It is up to each child as to how much time and energy they invest. There is no penalty for not completing a task, such as decoding a message. The Adventure is meant to be fun!

Is there a Great Big Adventure for adults?

Not yet. But we are working on an Adventure weekend for the whole family to enjoy!