Dear Fellow Adventurer,

Trouble is brewing. Can you feel it? I have never been on a Great Big Adventure that was not caused by some sort of Trouble. I cannot tell you the specifics of the Trouble as this is too public a place and Trouble has eyes and ears everywhere. What I can tell you is that the balance between Good and Evil in the universe could be disrupted very soon.

We need the help of bold adventurers such as yourself! 

Perhaps you do not know if this particular Adventure is something in which you wish to participate? Perhaps this is your first Great Big Adventure and you are a bit unsure? We don't blame you. Adventures can be unpredictable and unruly.

If you have the courage of a lion, the intelligence of a dolphin, and the inquisitivenes of a chimpanzee you are just the type of person this adventure needs!

But you do not have to be the strongest, fastest, or most brave person either. This Adventure also needs clever, quiet, and pure hearted people. If your desire is strong... then join us, even if you feel scared or shy - we will take care of each other. 

So, my friend, you are cordially invited to participate in a Great Big Adventure which may include, but is not limited to: Danger, Treasure Maps, Sword Fighting, Magic, Code Breaking, Intrigue, Tracking, Friendship, and Laughter. 

I breathlessly await your response as Good cannot win without you!

In your service,

Willow Walker of the Tree Dwellers