Willow Walker 

Willow Walker 

Karnin gathers the children.

Karnin gathers the children.

The Great Big Adventure is an original fantasy story brought to life by actors and the children participating! Imagine, Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter mixed with a little Renaissance faire flavor and you get... The Great Big Adventure.

Join Willow Walker, of the Tree Dwellers, and Karnin, of the Fire Keepers, as they embark on missions to preserve the peace in their land! The children will meet strange and wondrous creatures along the way, as well as using their wits to help win the day!            

This epic Adventure story unfolds in three parts with each Adventure standing alone.  



The Orb of Goodness :  In order to keep peace between the tribes a magical orb, Lat-syrc, must be safely transported through many strange lands. This turns out not to be as easy as it seems...



The Trials of Durania : Some unusual creatures, that have not been seen in 1,000 years, start to cause trouble. Our brave Adventurers must complete seemingly impossible missions.



The End of Everything : Another orb mysteriously appears but this one brings dire consequences. It will take every ounce of our Adventurer's courage, intelligence, and strength to make sure it is not the end of everything we hold dear.


Praise for the Great Big Adventure!


Brilliant concept and beautifully executed!

The adventure is amazing. We are so lucky to benefit from your creativity!

Thank you deeply for your care, creativity, taking us to new places and thoughtfulness. It's easy to see how much the children love you and feel really safe with you. Bravo!

The coded messages were great fun and sending messages in the mail was inspired. It got my daughter's imagination going and really got her on board immediately. 

...so they all left the path and plunged into the forest together.
— J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit